General donation: Any donation to the Land Trust is appreciated. Donations that donít specify a fund or purpose go into our general fund and are spent throughout the year for expenses such as land acquisition, rent for our office space, insurance, trail maintenance equipment and supplies, non-profit filings.

Bush Hill Farm fund to pay off a bridge-loan and conduct required access, improvements, and maintenance -- $500,000 fund-raising campaign begun in August 2015. Details of the purchase can be found in the press release accompanying the purchase.

The Risley Orchard Fund seeks donations for the 13-acre parcel of woodland adjacent to Risley Pond, a strategic 2013 purchase to save this land from development. In addition to generous grants from the DEEP and the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, $30,000 in expenses was needed to complete the sale -- survey costs, closing fees, filing fees, etc. The Land Trust seeks to raise this $30,000 from members and friends.

Memorial and Honoring Donations can be made with to memorialize a departed loved one or honor a friend, relative, or organization. The death of Land Trust friend Barry Scanlon elicited donations that were used to establish a trail at Salter's Pond. Please specify your wishes in the "additional info" box and if you want the gift acknowledged, please include the name and address.

The Endowment Fund was established in 2013 to help maintain the Trustís parks and its mission well into the future. Only the fundís income (not the principal) is tapped to meet budget needs. Donors make gifts to the fund in any manner including by a bequest in a will, by designation as a beneficiary in a life insurance policy or annuity, and by designation in a charitable remainder trust. Outright gifts of cash, appreciated stock, etc. to the fund would be welcome. We salute founding member Dr. Fred Spaulding for his $1000 donation in honor of Susan Barlow to begin this fund.