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Properties Owned by the Manchester Land Conservation Trust

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Approximate Location Donor or Seller ¹ Town Date Acquired Acres
Gould Parklet (Lakewood Cir.) Gould Family Manchester 1974-09-24 0.14
Marsh Pond (Porter St.) Dr. Alexander & Gertrude Marsh Manchester 1975-09-29 0.99
Marsh Pond rear Dr. Alexander & Gertrude Marsh Manchester 1980-04-25 1.23
Marsh Pond (Willow Pl./Porter St.) Diane Morrison Manchester 1986-01-29 0.78
Griswold Park (Hills Street) Hayden Griswold Manchester 1980-12-24 2.74
Spring St., rear Hayden Griswold Manchester 1980-12-24 1.00
Spring St., rear 637 Rev. Clifford Simpson Manchester 1982-05-19 1.00
Spring St., opp. Tam Rd. Hayden Griswold Manchester 1985-12-30 1.00
Spring St., trailhead Dorothy Case Beach Manchester 2000-10-31 1.00
Upper Case Pond Dennison Trust Manchester 2005-10-31 7.59
Salter's Pond Lydall, Inc. Manchester 1980-12-30 6.00
Salter's Pond North Side Green Manor Corp. Manchester 1981-01-27 3.00
Lydall Woods Jack Davis Manchester 1986- 30.00
Fairway Park Fairway Estates, Gerald Dr. Manchester 1989-10-31 4.80
Yules Park, Birch Mt. Rd. Yules family Manchester 1990-12-31 2.00
Buckland Hills John Finguera Manchester 1992- 25.00
Buckland Hills John Finguera Manchester 2005-12-20 2.30
Manning-Ferris (SW Manch.) Manning-Ferris family Manchester 1993-03-22 13.00
House Park (Greenwood Dr.) Virginia & Charles House Manchester 1995-01-27 6.00
Alpine Parklet Hayden Griswold Manchester 1996-10-03 0.50
South Manchester Railroad Reale Family Manchester 2005-12-19 5.00
South Manchester Railroad Brian Daigle Manchester 2008-12-31 0.70
Miller Pond West Central Properties Manchester 2006-09-29 3.00
Buckland Pond West Central Properties Manchester 2006-09-29 9.00
Buckland Pond "Association Land" Ernest Becker Estate Manchester 2014-12-15 4.02
Barlow Park (970 Hillstown Rd.) Malcolm & Susan Barlow Manchester 2006-12-29 5.00
Jarvis Parklet (897R. Center St.) Jarvis Family Trust Manchester 2006-12-29 0.50
Harry James Park (Torpey Dr.EH entr.) Harry James Manchester 2009-08-19 0.67
Olive Chambers (93 Westland St.) Chambers Family Manchester 2009-11-19 0.20
Ansaldi Park (Gardner St.) Andrew Ansaldi Manchester 2012-07-22 2.00
Bush Hill Farm Botti Family Manchester & Glas. 2015-08-19 57.00
118 Round Hill Road Merritt ("Mike") Baldwin Manchester 2017-11-03 1.64
Risley Park Gladys Risley Hall, Dorothy Risley Miller Vernon 1986-12-29 50.00
Risley Park Gladys Risley Hall, Dorothy Risley Miller Bolton 1986-12-29 54.00
Risley Park Eleanore Rhodes Vernon 1997-03-05 7.00
Risley Park Eleanore Rhodes Bolton 1997-03-05 8.00
Risley Park meadow Gladys Risley Hall, Dorothy Risley Miller Vernon 2000-01-04 5.30
Risley Park Muriel Schindler Bolton 2000-07-27 3.00
Risley Park Muriel Schindler Vernon 2000-07-27 2.00
Risley Orchard Gladys Risley Hall Bolton 2013-05-24 13.00
Risley Park Eleanore Rhodes Bolton 2014-04-17 13.00
M.J. Williams Park (Long Hill Rd.) Mary Jane Williams East Hartford 1996-09-25 40.00
Riverpoint Phoenix,Shell Oil,Riverpoint Condos East Hartford 2007-06-01 1.00
Reed Park, Long Hill Rd./Skinner Hill Rd. Mohegan Land Trust Andover 2009-03-19 35.25
Barlow Park, Oak Street Malcolm & Susan Barlow East Hartford 2014-12-15 4.00
Bush Hill Farm (Glastonbury portion) Botti Family Glastonbury 2015-08-19 5.00
Stickney Hill Preserve Richard Lee & Stephen Lamont Vernon 2016-12-22 15.93
Amy Drive 0 (abuts Lydall Woods) Reservoir Heights Homeowners Assoc. Vernon 2017-11-13 2.44
Total acreage, all towns:   457.72

¹ Note that some landowners sold property to MLCT far below market value, so the "sale" was a combination of donation and sale.

NOTE: A 22-acre easement in Hilliardville (West Middle Turnpike to Adams Street) is not listed here as property. The easement was made on July 1, 2009 by the Purdy family.

The Manchester Land Conservation Trust, which was incorporated March 29, 1972, is a tax-exempt, publicly supported non-profit organization that works to acquire, preserve, and maintain open space lands and water resources. The Trust works through its Board of Directors, volunteers, and committees to encourage protection of animal, bird, and plant life within these natural surroundings, and to maintain the attractive character of our communities. All members are volunteers -- there is no paid staff.

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