Trail at Salter's Named for Barry Scanlon in April, 2009
by Susan Barlow

The Manchester Land Conservation Trust has named the loop trail at Manchester's Salter's Pond in honor of Barry Scanlon (1962-2008). Barry enjoyed walking at Salter's sometimes walking his Gordon Setter, Casey, four times a day.

Barry moved with his family in 1985 from Broad Brook, CT to Cushman Drive, very close to Salter's pond. Barry found the flowers and changing seasons of great interest. "He would never pick a flower unless there were at least three of them, because he wanted to preserve the landscape," said his mother, Kate Scanlon. "He was always interested in the outdoors, and enjoyed taking his nieces and nephews on walks."

"Barry knew that at his funeral he didn't want flowers he wanted any gifts to go to conserve the Salter's area so all the people could enjoy it as much as he did." Barry died in April 2008 of pancreatic cancer. There was an outpouring of generous gifts from his family, friends, and co-workers, with dozens of gifts amounting to over $1,000.

Doug MacGillvary, a director and stewardship chair of the Land Trust, had been planning major improvements to the trail, and was pleased to have money available for supplies and signage. "We couldn't have done this project without the donations and we couldn't have done it without our volunteer trail workers Jackie Mirtl and Roger Chadwick. Jackie painted the markers along the trail. We also were fortunate to get permission to cross over some land on the east side of the pond that's owned by the Northfield Green Condominium Association. With some stepping stones and hand rails, hikers can now go all the way around the pond."

The trail begins on the south side of Salter's Pond, just off the parking lot of the town swimming pool on Lydall Street, across from the intersection with Coleman Road. The trail is open to the public, and the Land Trust leads hikes there.