Manchester Land Conservation Trust


Railroad Map a self-guiding walking tour of the Cheney Railroad with map and commentary.

Bush Hill self-guiding trail map showing visitors the route to take a walk around the 62-acre farm property -- follow the white-painted "blazes" (rectangular paint splashes) on trees and posts.

Bush Hill farm map showing both the 62-acre farm purchase in 2015 and the 1993 Manning-Ferris property gift.

Bush Hill farm trail directions map showing a 1.9-mile walking tour around the perimeter of the farm. The trail is still in process. Follow the short metal stakes with red plastic flags and the yellow plastic ribbons on trees. Two of these markers together indicate: Turn here. The trail is being worked on by our volunteers.

Bush Hill farm: proposed housing subdivision -- now open space, could have been a housing development!

Bush Hill farm: Steve Botti article and photo of cider-making, circa 1980.

MJ Williams Park Trail Map a self-guiding walk on this East Hartford property.

Aerial view of Bush Hill farm area showing the farmland in relation to nearby open space lands. Two-page flyer created for our farm fundraising campaign.

MJ Williams Park Trail Map a self-guided walk on this East Hartford property.

Purdy Nature Park Trail Map a self-guided walk on this western Manchester property, on which the Land Trust has permission to hike.

Risley Pond history pictures and history about the Land Trust's Risley Pond property.

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